Emily Williams started giving lessons in various training barns in 2000. She gained experience in training for saddleseat, hunt seat, western pleasure, equitation, horsemanship, showmanship, halter, and jumping.

Emily has worked for various barns including:

Saddleseat barn - teaching, handling, and show prep.

Endurance barn - training green horses, exercising horses, leading trail rides, handling foals, basic medical care.

Racing barn - racehorse handling, halter breaking
retraining of racehorses, ponying racehorses, general care.

University stable- cared for pregnant mares, handled stallions, foals, and weanlings.

From there on out Emily worked independently teaching new riders, assisting in finding horses for clients, and starting horses under saddle. She has worked with owners of difficult horses to be able to create a nice bond between horse and rider. She deals with correct horse handling in young horses, fixing problems of unbroke horses, and restoring confidence in current riders.